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Get More Leads and a Powerful Referral Strategy to Attract Your Perfect Clients

Create a marketing machine and referral system that works for your industry and attract the right type of leads that convert consistently into clients. Get more work from clients who value your service and are willing to pay you top
dollar for it.


Have More Quotes Accepted, Increase Your Job Profitability and Experience Rapid Growth

Get more leads to say yes to your quotes (and stop spending time with time wasters!). Increase the profits you make on each job, focus on the work that makes you the most amount of money and ensure you always have cash left over in the bank account when you finish a job!


Build an Engine of Powerful Systems and Create a Reliable Team of the Best Tradesman

Find the right team members that won’t let you down and finally be able to take a step back and get off the tools (yes, it’s possible!). Create systems and processes that allow you to work on the business so you can take time away to do the things you really want to do.

Are you ready to get more leads, stop wasting time (and money) working with difficult clients, struggling to find a reliable team and working too hard?

Get ready to attract great clients, get more quotes accepted, build a reliable team and increase your job profitability so you can create massive growth and build profit in your business…

…It’s finally time to build the business you set out to create in the first place. Turn your business into a wealth-generating asset that provides you with the freedom to focus on the things that are most important to you in business and life.

If you want help with any of the above…

Do you ever feel frustrated that your business isn’t growing as fast as you want it to?

  • Is your cash flow unpredictable and you feel like you’re often running out of cash and everyone gets paid before you? (No, you don’t need an overdraft to fix this)

  • Do you waste time doing quotes or perhaps you’re not doing enough quotes? Or worse, you’re underquoting, losing money or you’re not ending up with cash left over in the bank account?

  • Ever feel like you’re in feast or famine mode? Either you’ve got too much work that you can’t service it all or you haven’t got enough clients?

  • Do you often get stuck ‘on the tools’ and feel like your team need constant hand holding and you can’t step back from your business to let it run independently of you?

  • Do you consistently find yourself stuck in the day-to-day grind, your phone won’t stop ringing or you’re putting out spot fires? So you’re not working ‘on the business’ and getting things done?

  • Have you ever been ripped off when it comes to your marketing? Maybe you’ve struggled to get consistent leads and when you seek out an ‘expert’ they deliver lacklustre results?

Solving the above problems is my area of expertise. So if you answered yes to any of the above…


I know you know if you don’t get the above sorted, you can stay stuck doing long hours, working on the tools and working in your business (like it’s a job!) and you can feel overwhelmed, over-worked and underpaid.

Have you ever had a moment where you said to yourself “I really thought I’d be further ahead in my business right now?”

For many people in the trades industry who start their own business, there’s only a very small percentage who make it.

There’s even less of those who create a wealth generating business they love that gives them the success and financial freedom they desire.

The difference between many of those who succeed and those who don’t in this industry? They have the courage to seek expert guidance to help them.

If you’ve been running your builders or trades business for a little while, and you want to create the business you originally set out to create from the start, it’s time to get some outside advice from an expert. Someone that’s walked this path successfully for over two decades and coached many others to do the same…






Let’s create an action plan together so you can start working less, building more profit and having more freedom in your business and life. In 20 minutes, I’ll help you get clear on how to get more leads, have more people accepting your quotes, and boost job profitability in the next 90 days and 12 months. You’ll walk away with a 3 step action plan so that you’re clear, confident and know exactly how to get more leads, clients and money fast!



Join me for my 12-week intensive business accelerator program and become one of our successful case studies. We’ll review your sales process, give you the tools to build powerful referral strategies and marketing assets so you can boost profit fast. You’ll get my full, 100% attention to work on whatever you need and accelerate your business fast (without all the overwhelm).



Work with me 1:1 in my high-level signature program and discover how to create a truly profitable and cashflow rich business. This has been expertly designed with proven frameworks to help you attract more leads, convert more jobs, build systems and a reliable team so you can turn your business into a wealth generating asset.


Terence Toh

“Create your vision, then assemble a team to build it”

My goal as a coach is focused solely on solving your business challenges. I thrive on getting you results, and helping you to achieve rapid growth in your business…

“Because only when you
unlock growth can you start
planning for freedom”

After over two decades of being an entrepreneur, I’ve seen it all. I’ve had massive failures (I almost went bankrupt in my 20’s – true story) and I’ve also had massive success. I’ve started and grown multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses, and took one of my first businesses from a value of $50k and sold for almost a million dollars only a few years later.

As a coach, my expertise is not just based on theory. It’s come from years of experiencing the lows and the highs that every business owner endures. I use this vast experience to guide you. To help you identify your biggest profit and growth opportunities that you’re missing…
and provide you with the accountability and support to help you reach the goals you have for your life and business. If you’re a building or trades business owner, and you want to turn your business into a profitable asset (without all the overwhelm), then there’s just one thing you need to do…

P.S. How many weeks, months or even years have you poured into trying to grow your business? And to this day, are you still severely short on time and working too many hours? Your cashflow is possibly inconsistent, you have people wasting your time, not enough jobs are being accepted and everyone just keeps telling you to get an overdraft to solve your ‘cash in the bank’ problem.

What if you had a way to consistently attract leads, get more people saying yes to your quotes, built a reliable team, created more cashflow and increased your profits… what would this allow you to do?

Take on my jobs? Make more money? Get off the tools? Have more time and freedom to do the things you really want to do? Go on holidays and spend more time with the people who matter
most to you?

Do I need to say anymore?

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